april 2020 - present / durations vary

These projects were selected to showcase a range of 3D art skills and how they developed

over time. To see additional work, check out highlights in other projects (like this one and

this one) and feel free to reach out!




modeling, sculpting, uv-

unwrapping, rigging,

skinning, and more!

3d models

meta research: avatars + companions

work project / march - june 2021 / 3 months

In the course of my work with Meta-funded research lab SILVR (Social Interaction Lab in Virtual Reality) at

Dartmouth, I built and animated a library of customizable avatar kits, assisted with a published paper that

studied the veracity of avatar idle movement, and modeled, animated, and implemented a range of interactive pets.


personal project / august 2023 / 1 week

As proof-of-concept art for a game in the style of Legend of Zelda: Windwaker with a Ghost-buster mechanic, I

modeled, textured, skinned, and animated a low-poly Dan Aykroyd, ghost, and environment assets. I also set the

characters up with animation controllers, custom toon shaders, and particle systems in Unreal Engine 5.

people (& pets)

the dark room

personal project / november 2023 / 3 days

After deep-diving into the necessary contents of a dark room, I built this project in Autodesk Maya with a toon

shader to illustrate a small home-made dark room tucked into the photographer’s film-noir paletted closet.

gas station

personal project / december 2023 / 1 day

This Christmas gift for my sister (to be the cover for a custom-print vinyl based on her favorite playlist) was my

first foray into Blender's texture paint!

the friends apartment

class project / april 2020 / 3 weeks

This was my first project in Maya: while building it I learned everything from the basics of modeling to the

pitfalls of UV unwrapping to the wonders of fabric simulation (nCloth).


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